Marketing Specialist

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Employer - Jaddarah Contracting Co in KSA
Job Description

JOB PURPOSE Assist the Marketing Managers in managing inventory and setting up the term and conditions of sales contracts, prepare reports on unit performance and resolve product issues, contribute to business & strategic plan; coordinate with sales, shipping, operation and affiliates; Initiates, undertakes and participates in a variety of activities pertaining to Marketing. Scope of responsibilities includes evaluating information received from a wide variety of sources such as Market Research professional bodies/Phosphate products industry in order to assess its accuracy, reliability, relevance, etc. and then suggest spot pricing and formulas for contracts. Researches, abstracts and analyses the most important/pertinent data from the mass of available information to address specific marketing problems and Management’s information needs. Disseminates the appropriate information to the user departments within suitable forms in the shortest feasible time. Develops an awareness and appreciation of the available sources of information so that spontaneous queries may be promptly answered. Develops supportive systems to be used in the Market performance and reporting. Also, keeps abreast of latest developments in the market and undertakes various in-depth studies/analysis of many aspects of the international phosphate industry. Congregates & examines information about the market, competitors and processing technology and consolidates them into business information Description Market research ü Participates in the development of the supportive systems used in Market Research/Market Analysis activities such as computerisation, communication systems, etc Market reports ü Initiates and participates in the preparation of the daily/weekly/monthly/ quarterly/yearly marketing reports for top review of information on current developments in the international management for information which involves collection, assimilation and Phosphate products market to identify likely trends and formulate outlooks with specific emphasis upon’s marketing activities Supply/demand studies ü Studies/analyses prevailing levels of supply/demand including competition in the various world markets and assesses the market opportunities for in the short term and longterm Product Pricing ü Participates and assists in evaluating and monitoring Phosphate products pricing, analysing refining margins in the main Markets, correlating to Phosphate products requirements, product balances and development outlooks New Concepts ü Keeps abreast of emergence evolution of new concepts in Phosphate products markets or discontinuation of others to keep Marketing up-to-date on changes Meetings ü Takes part in discussion with visiting officials Competitors ü Studies the nature and structure of competitive companies, and their short and long-term financial, economic and marketing strategies and development potential in the various world-markets Risk Analysis ü Conducts country risk analysis and studies political and financial situation in the countries of potential interest and advises management on exposure to risk Price Projections ü Initiates and participates in the preparation of price projections to Finance Group for forward-looking revenue/income estimates for budgeting purposes COMMUNICATIONS & WORKING RELATIONSHIPS ü Internal: SBUs, BUs, Business Evaluation and business development ü External: Customers, International information providers. Business magazine representatives. Conferenc

Location - Saudi Arabia
Date Posted - 11 Feb 2020
salary - Negotiable
Experience - 1-5 years
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